Quality Assurance Standards

sm-synergyQuality Assurance Standards

Quality assurance standards are key to effective nutritional supplementation. More than half of the nutritional supplements sold do not meet their label claims.

This will never happen with ProArgi-9+. There are 262 quality assurance steps that go into the manufacturing of this product. It’s one of the reasons why we’ve chosen ProArgi-9+ from Synergy Worldwide to properly nourish your endothelium for improved nitric oxide production.

Synergy Worldwide is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP), an industry giant founded in 1972. NSP scientists worked with Synergy and Dr. J. Joseph Prendergast to oversee the design, manufacturing, and production of ProArgi-9+ utilizing quality-control mechanisms comparable to those used in the pharmaceutical industry.

ProArgi-9+ was introduced to the market in 2008. A total of 262 quality assurance steps go into the Physician's Desk Referencemanufacturing of this product. It’s one of the reason why the 2014 Physicians’ Desk Reference makes the following statement:

ProArgi-9+ is the highest quality L-arginine supplement in the world.”

Additionally, it’s one of the few nutritional supplements with a Quality and Potency Guarantee. As Lynda Hammonds, Vice President of Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs says,

Lynda HammondsWe don’t guess. We test. We guarantee.”

This commitment to excellence is also reflect by Forbes magazine. Earlier this year, Forbes published its list of America’s 100 Most Trustworthy Companies, naming Nature’s Sunshine / Synergy Worldwide under its Micro-Cap category. Being named to this list demonstrates Synergy’s commitment to being “a model of openness and integrity,”Forbes according to Forbes’ own description.

Nature’s Sunshine (NATR), the parent company and valued partner of Synergy Worldwide is one of just four companies in the entire pharmaceuticals category to make it on this prestigious list. Of the four, Nature’s Sunshine / Synergy Worldwide holds the highest AGR score (92 out of 100). This honor further demonstrates the continuing commitment of Synergy Worldwide and Nature’s Sunshine to integrity in every facet of the nutrition industry.

Otis AwardOn an international note, in April of 2014 ProArgi-9+ won the prestigious Golden Otis Award of Trust in Poland. The Golden Otis organization honored Synergy with this award in recognition of ProArgi-9+ as a quality product, highly trusted by polled professionals, consumers, and patients across Poland. The science and effectiveness of ProArgi-9+ was declared by this organization to be not-only trusted, but also “needed” by men and women around the world. Mr. Pawel Krus, the Chapter Chairman of the Golden Otis Organization, noted that this award “is the biggest and oldest consumer award in Poland,”

The following video will provide you with additional information about Synergy Worldwide and Nature’s Sunshine Product’s commitment to quality assurance standards that are second to none in the nutrition industry.

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