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ProArgi-9+ is a natural nutraceutical supplement, combining the latest technology and superior ingredients to enhance heart health, regeneration, anti-aging, and athletic performance. Formulated in collaboration with leading L-arginine researchers, and validated by Nobel Prize research on nitric oxide, ProArgi-9+ is now the only nitric oxide supplement listed in the 2014 Physicians’ Desk Reference.

The Physicians’ Desk Reference is found in virtually every physician’s office, pharmacy, clinic, and library. No medical reference is more current, more recognized, or more respected. And the first line quote from this reference source states:

ProArgi-9+ is the highest quality L-arginine supplement

in the world.”

In addition to helping athletes improve their workouts, performance, and recovery, ProArgi-9+ also provides the following benefits:

Supports overall cardiovascular health.

Enhances blood flow to vital organs and muscles.

Can stimulate the release of human growth hormone (HGH) naturally during exercise.

May aid in decreasing body fat and building muscle mass.

Helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

Assists in lowering triglycerides.

May increase HDL (good) cholesterol while decreasing LDL (bad) cholesterol.Mixed Berry ProArgi-9 Plus

Assists in maintaining healthy glucose levels.

Aids in the reduction of C-reactive protein (an indication of inflammation of the arteries).

Helps increase vitamin D levels, which current research has shown to be vital for overall health.

Helps improve immune function.

May increase energy levels.

Supports healthy sexual function.

Every serving of ProArgi-9+ contains 5,000 mg (5 grams) of pure, free-form pharmaceutical grade l-arginine as well as other ingredients all designed to properly nourish the endothelium. This tissue lines all of your vascular system and produces nitric oxide, sometimes referred to as “The Miracle Molecule” for its health-enhancing effects on the cardiovascular system.  Here is a brief summary of the ingredients found in ProAri-9+:

L-arginine: A semi-essential amino acid best known for its cardiovascular benefits. In the bloodstream, your endothelium

converts L-arginine into nitric oxide, which relaxes the blood vessels and enhances blood flow. The L-arginine contained in

this formulation is pharmaceutical grade derived from a microbial fermentation of glucose. This means that no dangerous chemicals like hydrochloric acid are used and there is no need for additional carry molecules to try to enhance absorption.

L-citrulline: This amino acid metabolizes to yield additional L-arginine, as well as recycles L-arginine, to enhance the

production of nitric oxide over an extended period of time. This helps to optimize blood flow and the delivery of oxygen

and nutrients throughout the body. Synergy uses a microbial fermentation process of glucose to produce a pharmaceutical

grade L-citrulline.

Vitamin D3: No longer classified as a vitamin, but rather a hormone, vitamin D3 not only aids in calcium absorption but new research shows that this hormone also plays a critical role in healthy cardiovascular function while supporting a healthy inflammatory response.

Vitamin C: The vitamin C used in ProArgi-9+ is food based, made through microbial fermentation using NON-GMO corn.

Supplemental Facts for Mixed Berry ProArgi-9 PlusRed Wine Extract: There is no alcohol involved in this nutrient. Rather it’s a red grape polyphenol extract, which is high in antioxidants, anthocyanins, and polyphenols that help protect the heart and reduce LDL oxidation.

Folic Acid (B9), Vitamins B6 and B12: These three vitamins work together to naturally decrease homocysteine levels, which seems to be a powerful risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Vitamin K2: This vitamin helps to direct and regulate calcium levels throughout the body helping to keep calcium in the bones while properly regulating calcium levels in your vascular system. This vitamin also helps to strengthen the heart muscle.

Pomegranate: Contains superior antioxidants known as punicalagins and ellagic acid. Pomegranate inhibits LDL oxidation, supports arterial wall strength, and enhances the activity of the NOS enzyme responsible for converting L-arginine into nitric oxide.

Grape Skin Extract: High concentrations of vitamin E, flavonoids, linoleic acid, and phenolic OPCs that have antioxidant properties that help to inhibit platelet aggregation and inflammatory responses. Not only does it help to protect against heart disease but it also helps to accelerate wound healing.

D-ribose: This naturally occurring sugar is known for its ability to enhance the energy production needed to rejuvenate heart muscle. This ingredient plays a critical role in the rejuvenation of injured heart muscle.

Xylitol: This is a naturally occurring “wood sugar alcohol” found in most plant material and widely used as a sugar substitute. Xylitol tastes sweet, but unlike sugar, does not convert in the mouth to acids that can cause tooth decay.

Stevia Leaf Extract: This is a natural sweetener and sugar substitute made from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana. Because it is low glycemic, it’s a great source for hiding the taste of L-arginine while having little effect on blood glucose levels.

Natural Citrus Sweetener: Is used to cover the bitter taste of L-arginine and is food based, not synthetic.

For more information about this product or to order, please contact us directly. We like to help the athletes we serve learn how to best incorporate this product into their workout routine.



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