Pat Whealy – Baseball Coach

Pat Whealy – Chicago, IL

Baseball Coach at Strikes Baseball Academy


Pat Whealy is one of the best baseball coaches in the Chicago area. He is sought out by many high school and college athletes to help them take their game to the next level. Because of the demand for his services, it can be physically taxing pitching to his students every day.

Prior to using ProArgi-9+ Pat was having recovery issues especially in the area of muscular soreness. Fatigue was becoming a big obstacle. Not any more. Now he can pitch 200 to 300 pitches per athlete and 400 to 500 pitches per day and be able to be fresh the next day.

In the video below Pat discusses how ProArgi-9+ has substantially improved his physical ability to pitch and coach his students late into the night. At 57 years of age, Pat makes a key statement for others in the Baby Boomer generation:

“This is probably the most awesome product to back up the clock in 50 and 60 year olds!”

Image what this product could do for you.

Well that’s exactly what Pat did. Make sure you listen to “THE EXPERIMENT” were Pat wanted to make sure these improvements weren’t just in his head. This “Experiment” can be found in the 2:20 through 3:15 time segment.

If you’re wanting to regain your youth and vitality, then listen to Pat Whealy by clicking on the video below.

Pat Whealy


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