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John Hunter 1John Hunter – Near Death Experience Changes Former NFL Player’s Life

If you’re familiar with the Utah sports scene, then your most likely familiar with this story reported by KSL News of Salt Lake City. If not, then you need know the story on how a local high school football coach nearly lost his life due to heart problems.

Mr. John Hunter is a former NFL athlete who spent 11 days in a coma, having to be brought back to life three different times. Miraculously he is on the road to recovery thanks to medical professionals, a supportive community, and what John describes as “miracles.”  In a recent interview with Synergy Worldwide, John made the following comments:

“I’m glad to be here. I’m about to celebrate my ninth wedding anniversary with my wife, and she is tickled to death that I’m here to celebrate it with her.”

While working to recover and resurrect his health, John was approached by a caring friend, Synergy Team Member Jason Buck. Knowing the power of ProArgi-9+, Jason insisted that his friend John begin regularly drinking ProArgi-9+ as part of his vital recovery. According to John,

“The month I got home [from the hospital], Jason kept feeding [ProArgi-9+] to me, saying ‘I love ya buddy, just want you to take care of this. I believe in this product.’ So I started doing what he told me, he kept having me take it, and I kept at it.”

Happily, John reported “I do notice a difference. I’m not sure how it all works, but this makes a difference. Put it this way. My ejection fraction, which is the amount of blood my heart pumps per beat, was dangerously low. A normal ejection fraction is between 50 to 70%. When I started [his crisis, resulting in weeks in the hospital], I was at 10 to 15%, which means I was dying. Well, in the hospital I got up to 30 to 35%. Now, after taking all this ProArgi-9+, last week I had another echocardiogram, and the doctor called and said ‘we don’t know what the h*** you are doing, but whatever it is, keep doing it. You’re at 50-55%”

John thought that his medications were the cause of his wonderful improvement, but when asked, his doctors told him that couldn’t be the case, as he had not yet been prescribed the kind of medication that would produce those results.

Now we don’t want to give you the wrong impression that ProArgi-9+ saved John’s life.  It was a combination of factors.  But from our experience it is amazing what happens when you provide the endothelium, which lines all of your cardiovascular system, with the ingredients it needs to optimize its ability to properly produce nitric oxide.

Here is the actual news report from KSL News of Salt Lake City:

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