Jake Prazak – All Time World Bench Press Record

Jake PrazakJake Prazak – All Time World Bench Press Record

As of this entry Jake Prazak currently holds two all-time historical bench press records – 909 pounds in the 220-pound weight class and 920 pounds in the 242-pound weight class.

When first introduced to ProArgi-9+ Jake was extremely skeptical about the product. However, he decided to try it and here are his own words:

“I used ProArgi-9+ during my training cycle, just before my first world record attempt. During this training cycle I consumed two servings per day. I had a great training cycle right up to my meet and noticed that all my lifts were getting stronger. On the day of the meet, I broke the world record with my first attempt at 909 pounds. My second attempt was even better than my first – I successfully benched 920 pounds. I then called for 936 pounds on my third and final attempt but barely missed it at the top of the lift.

Even though my strength increased and was able to successfully set two bench press records, I Jake Prazak Bench Pressstill wasn’t entirely convinced about ProArgi-9+ – so I decided to test it on another sample of 6 people. While on the product, each of these six people improved their performance and reported how good they felt.

I now recognize that ProArgi-9+ is an incredible product and will continue using it as part of my nutritional regimen. Thank you Synergy for helping me achieve my lifelong goal of achieving an All-Time World Bench Press Record . . . not one, but two! I also feel the healthiest I have ever felt. Next goal is to be the lightest ever to bench press 1000 pounds.”

It’s our goal to help others like Jake, who want to take their workouts to the next level, to properly use ProArgi-9+ in achieving their performance goals.   For those who want to understand the science behind nitric oxide and how it can impact your workouts, performance, and recover, then please watch the video below.  Just click on the image.

Jake Prazak video

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