Alan Kaytukov – Martial Arts Superstar

Alan KaytukovAlan Kaytukov – Martial Arts Superstar

2013 North American Grappling Association Champion

Most people don’t fight for a living but Alan Kaytukov does. It’s his profession. Alan is a successful, professional mixed martial arts athlete. He fights for fun, and he fights for a living.

Alan enters tournaments around the world to win titles, championships, belts, and prizes. When he isn’t competing, he’s training. A typical training day is 6 hours of rigorous exercise. According to Alan,

“I regularly mix e9 with ProArgi-9+. It has helped me a lot to recover, to keep me healthy, and give me the energy and strength I need to compete.

We have three fights in one day, ten minutes each fight. Ten minutes is a long time. You have to be in very good shape.”

That energy and strength paid off for Alan when he won the 2013 North American Grappling Association Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was his second time winning the tournament.

Alan has made e9 and ProArgi-9+ a foundational base to his nutritional program. One that he can depend on as a full-time fighter and part-time trainer. One that he recommends to his clients and fellow athletes.

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